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JAIST 7th Research Symposium

The Japan Association of International Security and Trade’s 7th Research Symposium was held on Saturday, September 13, 2008 at Keio University, and more than 70 members participated. As with the previous symposium, the morning session was devoted to a free theme session where all participants and a young researcher, who had been encouraged to participate and given a presentation. In the afternoon, the 1st session focused on the theme of "Export Control Practice of Japanese Universities” with the issue of Technological Transfer. Presentations were made by speakers from university and research institute in their perspectives. After the presentations, topics such as differences between private companies and universities regarding export control circumstances, problems faced at universities, and desirable approaches for the solution were explored through the discussion actively by the speakers and the many participants. The 2nd session looked at the topic of "M&A, Security Restrictions on Foreign Direct Investment”, which has been watched closely recently. During this session, the recent trend of national security issues and the several policy recommendations on the restrictions to foreign direct investment were presented, where a lively discussion involving representatives from industry, academia and government took place. Since all of these topics include important issues related to security and trade in Japan, the participants showed strong interests and as a result, discussions continued proactively.

September, 2008

Yuzo Murayama, President
Japan Association of International Security and Trade


JAIST 7th Research Symposium Program

10:30-11:30  Free Session   
  Presenter: Yoshiaki Takayama(Aoyama Gakuin University)
  Topic: " International Efforts to Counter MANPADS:From View of the Theory of International Regime"
  MC and Comment: Yuzo Murayama (Doshisha University)
Afternoon Sessions 13:00-17:30  
13:00-15:00 Session1 "Export Control Practice of Japanese Universities”
  Presenter: Tadashi Yoshida(Tohoku University)
  Topic: "Current Situation Regarding Introduction of Export Control Scheme at Japanese Universities"
  Presenter: Sadashi Higuchi(Advanced Industrial science and Technology)
  Topic: "Security Export Administration by Japanese Universities and Research Institutes"
  Comment: Susumu Hirai(Tohoku University)
  MC: Masahiko Asada(Kyoto University)
15:00-15-15 Break  
15:15-17:30  Session 2 " Security Restrictions on M&A and Foreign Direct Investment"
  Presenter: Yuzo Murayama(Doshisha University)
  Topic: "Security Restrictions on Foreign Direct Investment: Balancing Economic and Security National Interests "
  Presenter: Naoyuki Hasegawa(the Cabinet Office)
  Topic: "FDI and Export Control"
  Presenter: Kazuhiro Takei(Nishimura Asahi law office)
  Topic: "From the Perspective of Corporate and M&A Practice"
  Comment: Koji Hashimoto(Japan Machinery Center for Trade and Investment)
  MC: Shintaro Muneyuki(Japan Machinery Center for Trade and Investmen)