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JAIST 8th Research Symposium

The Japan Association of International Security and Trade’s 8th Research Symposium was held on Saturday, March 21, 2009 at Kyoto University, and more than 60 members participated. As with the previous symposium, the morning session was a free theme session where all participants and young researchers, who had been encouraged to participate and given a presentation. In the afternoon, the 1st session focused on the theme of "Nuclear Non-Proliferation”. Presentations were given by speakers from research institution and media in their perspectives. After the presentations, topics such as deemed export control and technology development for nuclear non-proliferation, and desirable approaches were explored through the discussion actively by the speakers and the many participants. The 2nd session focused on the topic of "Security environment surrounding Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India”, which has been watched closely recently. During this session, unstable security environment of the regions were reported by the presenters and its implications for export control were discussed involving representatives from industry and academia. Since all of these topics include important issues related to security and trade in Japan, the participants showed strong interests and as a result, discussions continued proactively.

April, 2009

Yuzo Murayama, President
Japan Association of International Security and Trade


JAIST 8th Research Symposium Program

Morning Session 10:00-11:00
10:00-11:00   Free Session
  Presenter: Midori Natsuki(Oxfam Japan)
  Topic: Recent Transfer Control Initiatives and the Arms Trade Treaty
  Comment: Setsuko Aoki(Keio University)
  Presenter: Toshiaki Sasaki(Kyoto University)
  Topic: A Study of the Applicable Law on Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Operation
  Comment: Susumu Hirai(Tohoku University))
  MC Masahiko Asada(Kyoto University)
Afternoon Sessions 13:00-17:30
13:00-15:00   Session 1 "Nuclear Non-Proliferation”
  Presenter: Masato Hori(Japan Atomic Energy Agency)
  Topic: “Production of Nuclear Weapon Usable Material and Civilian Technologies”
  Presenter: Fumihiko Yoshida(The Asahi Shimbun)
  Topic: “Lessons from A.Q.Khan Network”
  Comment: Yoshihiro Nakagome(Kyoto University)
  MC: Masahiko Asada(KyotoUniversity)
15:15-15:30   Break  
15:30-17:30   Session 2 "Security environment surrounding Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India”
  Presenter: Mamiya Kensaku(Osaka University)
  Topic: “Analysis on the security situation of Afghanistan and Pakistan”
  Presenter: Miyata Osamu(University of Shizuoka)
  Topic: The Tension Between India and Pakistan regarding “Islamic Radicals
  Comment: Heigo Sato(Takusyoku University)
  MC: Nobusuke Tanaka(Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.)