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JAIST 9th Research Symposium

The Japan Association of International Security and Trade’s 9th Research Symposium was held on Sunday, September 27, 2009 at Waseda University in Tokyo, and more than 100 members participated. Only the afternoon sessions were held this time since there was no applicant for the free-topic session. . The common theme of the afternoon sessions was “New trends in Export Controls” and the 1st session focused on the theme of "Export Controls in Technologies ,” including an issue of export controls at universities, which has been receiving wide attentions recently.”.  The 2nd session focused on the topic of "Economic Sanctions and Export Controls on People and Money. During both sessions, presenters explained current conditions and issues surrounding export controls and many questions and opinions were submitted from the floor and heated disucussions took place, involving representatives from industry, government and academia. Since all of these topics include important current issues related to the trends in export controls, the participants showed strong interests and as a result, discussions continued proactively.

September, 2009

Yuzo Murayama, President
Japan Association of International Security and Trade



JAIST 9th Research Symposium Program

September 27, 2009  13:00-17:30 at Waseda University in Tokyo
Common Theme  “Trends of Export Controls“

13:30-15:30 Session 1  “Export Controls of Technology“
  Presenter: Keiya Iida(Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)
  Topic: “Amendment of The Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act“
  Presenter: Kuniyasu Inamura(Toshiba Corporation)
  Topic: “Technology Transfer Controls in Toshiba
  Presenter: Hisashi Suzuki(Chuo University)
  Topic: “Effective Measures to Prevent Improper Overseas Drain of Advanced Technologies in University“
  Comment: Susumu Hirai(Tohoku University)
  MC Yuzo Murayama(Doshisya University)
15:30-16-00 Break
15:30-17:30  Session 2  " Economic Sanctions and Export Controls Relating to Person and Money“
  Presenter: Takehiko Yamamoto(Waseda University)
  Topic: Economic Sanctions and Export Control: The Past, and Current Lessons of Economic Sanctions and the Future Role of Export Control“ 
  Presenter: Hiroshi Ozaki(Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation)
  Topic: Economic Sanctions Enforcement Framework : A Comparison between the US and Japan
  Comment: Shiro Kawamoto(Council for Public Policy)
  MC: Masahiko Asada(Kyoto University)