Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Parameter Sheet?  Where Can I Obtain It?


The Parameter Sheet is a type of Commodity Classification Form published by CISTEC. Exporters in Japan are responsible to make commodity classification forms. CISTEC publishes 3 types of commodity classification form reflected by the latest Japanese export control regulations once a year. One is the Parameter Sheet. Another is the Komokubetutaihihyo. The other is the Kohyo List. Usually the forms are filled and attached to goods and/or Technology (items) for exporting because exporters in Japan are often asked to submit the forms at Japan Customs for exporting goods. There is only Japanese version of the forms, and they are not standard or official format. And they are only available in Japan.


The Parameter Sheet is the form of flow chart, which covers “main exports” like electronics and computers from Japan (In other words, the form does not cover all controlled items).


The Komokubetsutaihihyo is the form with the letter of law, which covers all controlled items.


The Kohyo List is the list of integrated circuit model numbers manufacture by Japanese companies. The integrated circuits in the Kohyo list are not subject to control except when it meets to certain conditions for “catch- all” control. Exporters in Japan can attach the list to their integrated circuit for exporting.

2. Can I Request an Advice on Commodity Classification to My Goods and/or Technology (Items) from CISTEC?


CISTEC does not have direct support for overseas entities regarding commodity classification. CISTEC usually advises for the entities to ask their representatives, offices and/or business partners in Japan to go to the following URL for a consultation from CISTEC:

(Japanese Only

Please note that the consultation service above is about 10,000 yen/hr for Non - CISTEC members.

Also, please note that you will be required an Export Control Number (ECN/ECCN)* of your goods and/or technology (items) and detail descriptions like technical specifications of your items.

* ECN refers to Export Control Number and is a specific alpha-numeric code that identifies controlled items when they are exported. The term is usually used by non - U.S. countries.
* ECCN refers to Export Control Classification Number and is also a specific alpha-numeric code that identifies controlled items when they are exported as the ECN is. The Term is used by the U.S.


If you need an ECN/ECCN of your items, you can check and/or ask your representatives, an offices and/or business partners in Japan to the following URL:
(Mainly in Japanese with some ECCN)

(Japanese - English correspondence table format with ECN)

3. Where Can I Obtain Information of Export Control Policy by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry?


Please check the following URL for Security Export Control Policy Division, Trade Control Department, The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry: